Daniel Bijan


Height: 5”8 Weight: 151 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown


The Umbrella Academy                          Beadford (Actor)          GEP Umbrella Inc.

Guest Of Honour Parent                         (Actor)                          Guest Of Honour Films Inc.

Giovanni Di Mexicali Giovanni               Principal)                     Synthetic Rhyme Productions

The Siren Singer                                      (Actor)                          Chiller Films (NBC)

The Genius Club                                       Composer                      River Rain Productions 

Gone                                                             Composer                      River Rain Productions

Impact, The Passion Of The Christ     Supervising Producer River Rain Productions

Keeping Up With The Kardashians     Composer                          Ryan Seacrest Productions

Storage Wars                                              Composer                      A&E Networks


Ron Leach Audition Dynamics

Toronto, ON

The Heller Approach Acting Studio

Los Angeles, CA

Holub Acting Workshop

Toronto, ON

Michael Napolitano Vocal Technique

Toronto, Ontario

Special Skills:

Singing, Guitar, Piano, Drums, Skating, Fluent in Spanish & Italian, Roller Skating, Driving Manual Transmission, Fitness Model

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